Dry Docks solutions for boats up to 65ft!

We supply JetDock, the best boat lift system on the market, whether you're looking to lift a JetSki, small boat or large performance boat. JetDocks patended lift design allows easily drive on and drive off docking, keeping your boat high and dry.

JetDock Floating Boat Lift and Dock Systems
Mooring Versatility
Mooring Versatility
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  • The Floating Boat Lift That Does It All!

  • Boats (big or small), Jet Ski's, Sea Doo's, other PWC, Pontoon Boats, and even Seaplanes!

  • Tidal influenced waters.

  • Salt or fresh water.

  • Shallow or deep waters.

  • Floating walkways are also available for easy access.

Watercraft Maintenance
Watercraft Maintenance
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  • Our heavy duty boat lifts offer superior stability, enabling safe boarding.

  • 270° of dry access for maintenance and cleaning tasks.

  • The ability to dry dock a disabled craft by the means of a back-up safety winch.

  • Resistant to Ultra Violet, various marine fuels, ice and impact damage.

Incredible Value
Incredible Value
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  • Incredible Value You Can't Find Anywhere Else!

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty.

  • Unmatched long term durability.

  • Eliminates your concerns for: rust, fading, rot, and splintering!

  • Maintenance free and environmentally conscious!

  • Modular design aids in future reconfigurations.

  • Excellent resale value = wise investment.

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Why is a JetDock system a superior product compared to the rest worldwide?


The answer is simply years of experience combined with using high quality parts and assembly that creates a system that has the ability to lift and dock your boat or jet ski and peace of mind.

Drive-on accessibility makes JetDock systems the best floating boat lifts on the market today!