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Drive-On Boat Lifts

JetDock's floating boat lifts are the easiest and safest way to keep your boat out of the water and free of corrosion.  No Moving parts and with ability to walk around your boat whilst it is dry birthed this gives you more options and versatility that any other system.


Drive-On Floating Boat Lift Systems

JetDocks floating boat lifts are the safest, most user-friendly and convenient lifts available. Thier clever lifting design is maintenance-free, so you can have more fun on the boat, and less time maintaining your equipment! The product is not just a dock, but performs numerous other features and tasks. It may be more accurate to say that the JetDock system is a "floating boat lifting apparatus with mooring and storage capabilities". Thier innovative design has been a step above the rest for years, allowing a water craft owner to spend less time storing and more time enjoying their craft.

JetDock has 3 categories:

Innovative engineering that will get your boat, Jet Ski or other water craft completely out of the water. Has no moving parts to bog you down with maintenance issues, and requires no electricity to lift your boat out of the water.

JetDock air-assisted unit lifts your water craft completely out of the water via cleverly engineered air chambers located under the floating dock allows for lifting of heavier water craft.

Floating pontoon watercraft lifting design that easily lifts your pontoon boat completely out of the water. Like our other units, our pontoon boat lift has no moving parts and you will not need electricity to operate.

Whether you have a Jet Ski, kayak, 12' dinghy, power boat, or a 50' offshore performance boat, our product will provide the easy drive-on boat lift method, maintenance-free construction, superior boarding and access, while remaining modular and portable. The JetDcok drive-on floating boat docks are simply the best solution to all of your docking situations!

What is one of the main benefits of using one of the JetDock lifts? Corrosion prevention. No more time consuming, expensive hauling of your craft in and out of the water for cleaning and repainting! It is not difficult to spot the difference between boats that are stored on the boat lifts and those that sit in the water full time. Other watercrafts are subjected to the corrosiveness of the maritime environments which leads to staining of the hull, in addition to substantial amounts of algae, moss, and muck – all degrading the performance of the watercraft.

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