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Jet Ski Parking Rental

Dry Berthing For Jet Ski's

New to Dubai is the first Dry Berth storage rental solution for privately owed Jet Ski's to make Jet Skiing hassle free and accessible to everyone.

Now you can park and store your Jet Ski right on the water in Dubai!
  • Easily accessible and great location.

  • Forget all your trailer hassles and maximize your time on the water.

  • Keep your Jet Ski in the Marina.

  • The Jet Dock keeps your Jet Ski dry and out of the salt water.

  • 270° of dry access for maintenance and cleaning tasks.

  • Ease of launching and winches for easy berthing.

  • 24/7 assistance from our trained staff.

  • Cleaning and engine flushing services.

  • Maintenance services.

  • Towing services for when your Ski needs a service or registration. 

  • Lockable storage for wetsuits and life jackets.

  • High quality docks made in the USA

  • The dock cradles and protect the hull from marine growth. 

  • Suitable for all Jet Ski sizes.

  • Monthly or annual storage contracts. 

  • Safe and secure.

Spaces available from December 2018 onwards.   Book your space now by contacting us below.

Let us take care of your Jet Ski!


Put all the hassles of towing and cleaning behind you! 


Thanks! Message sent.

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