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Warehouse storage by boat owners for boat owners

Storage facility

  • Easily accessible in a great location near Speedex.

  • Forget all your trailer hassles and maximize your time on the water.

  • Keep your boat or jet ski out of the damaging sun.

  • Our facility is an insulated warehouse

  • 360° of dry access for maintenance and cleaning tasks.

  • Secure location

  • 8 hours assistance from our trained staff daily.

  • Polythene sheets over all watercraft to protect from dust.

Other services

  • Towing services. 

  • Cleaning and engine flushing services.

  • Weekly startup and rudder seizing prevention. 

  • Rust prevention and inhibitors.

  • Detailing services. 

  • Towing services. 

  • Boat covers.

  • Trailer bearings replacement.

  • Trailer tyre replacement. 

  • Watercraft registration.

  • Trailer registration.

We take care of the boating hassel's so you can enjoy and maximize your time on the water!

Storage rates as of April 2020

All rates are for insulated warehouse storage in Al Quoz 

1 Month boat storage up to 28ft (monthly payment)      AED  55 per ft 

1 Year boat storage up to 28ft (one payment)               AED  48 per ft

1 Month Jet Ski storage (monthly payment)                  AED  390  

1 Year Jet Ski storage (one payment)                           AED  3980

Boat wash & flush after use                                         AED   150

Jet Ski wash & flush after use                                      AED    50


Boat towing weekdays up to 20km                              AED    190

Boat towing weekends up to 20km                              AED    290


Jet Ski towing weekdays up to 20km                           AED   100

Jet Ski towing weekends up to 20km                           AED   150 

All prices are subject to VAT.

Final storage prices will be quoted on watercraft inspection.

All customers must pay in advance by credit/debit card and submit KYC.

Towing charges are quoted for a return trip within 20kms radius of our facility.

Towing charges for more than 20Km are quoted on case by case.

Detailing costs can be quoted on request. 

Let us take care of your watercraft!


Put all the hassles of towing and cleaning behind you! 


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